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“Now we know your roots are in us” – Paper on Lebanon

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We are glad to announce the publication of the paper on Lebanese reportage.

“Now we know your roots are in us”. This is a verse of a song that has marked our journey, which speaks to us of a wounded but proud people, and which represents what we will always carry with us from Lebanon. “Beirut Set El Donya” is the song, which resounded in the loudspeakers and throats of the thousands who protested with orderly vigor that memorable 4th August in Beirut and which made us vibrate. These are our feelings, the love we felt, the cold-minded reflections, and the new research ideas that we carry with us. Thanks Lebanon and thanks Lebanese people.

Interviews and dialogues with:
  1. Georgi Azar, Journalist for Arab News;
  2. Amin Elias, Assistant Professor at Université Antonine;
  3. Mouin Hamze, Secretary-General of CNRS;
  4. Wissam Fattouh, Secretary-General of Union of Arab Banks;
  5. Roger Eddé, International Lawyer and Founder of the Lebanese Peace Party;
  6. Mark Gebrael, Entrepreneur;
  7. Roula Khadra, Scientific Administrator in CIHEAM Bari and Member of Arab Water Council;
  8. Philippe Guillaumet, International and European Projects Manager for Port of Marseille and Secretary-General of MEDports Association;
  9. Luca Lupi, Head of Institutional Relations, International Activities, ZLS and Intermodality for Port of Civitavecchia and Secretary-General of MEDports Association;
  10. Talal Khrais, Journalist and Correspondent for National News Agency and Press Office Manager of Assadakah Onlus;
  11. Iyad Boustany, Managing Director for Investment Banking at FFA and Vicepresident of The Lebanese Foundation for Renewable Energy;
  12. Elie Elias, PhD-Senior University Lecturer in History of Lebanon;
  13. Salvatore Lombardo, Professor at Swiss UMEF University in Geneva and author of “Liban Libre” and “Retours à Beyrouth”.
The paper is available at the link: Lebanon – Summer 2021 – I Quaderni de Il Tazebao

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